Last updated 9 November 2015


1.  Indigenous people

1.1 Mandalay Progress Association Local History (Fig Tree Pocket). Item 17 identifies a bora ring.

1.2 AECOM Draft Impact Statement – Aboriginal and Historical Cultural Heritage – Gem Road Development.

2.  Early settlers/history 

2.1 Know Your Queensland (nd) Number One Explorers and Pioneers: published by Peters Ice Cream.  Donated by Sal Gardener, September 2014

2.2 Mandalay Progress Association Local History (Fig Tree Pocket). (nd)  From Sue Deal

2.3 Vi Hall’s (nee Clarkson) presentation to KDHS June 2014 – copies of photographs and captions

2.4 ‘A Rumble in Brookfield’ The Queenslander 14 October 1893 From Sue Deal

2.5 ‘Smoke Concert at Kenmore’ Brisbane Courier 26 June 1911 From Sue Deal

2.6 ‘Kenmore Bank of Hope’ Brisbane Courier 17 February 1897 From Sue Deal

2.7 ‘Kenmore Races’ Queensland Times 19 March 1896 and ‘Jockey Killed at Kenmore’ Brisbane Courier 2 January 1915 From Sue Deal

2.8 ‘Brookfield and Moggill Railway Brisbane Courier 14 June 1889 From Sue Deal

2.9 Naming of Kenmore South West News 10 February 1988 and Courier Mail 7-8 January 2012

2.10 Local History Kenmore Compiled by BCC Library Service 1987 and updated by Brisbane City Archives in 2013.

2.11From the old days of the district’s ‘bullockies’ Express 14 December 1977

2.12 Local History Kenmore June 2014 Prepared from the local history file, Indooroopilly Library. (Includes a photograph of Andrew and Grace Todd – Local Bulletin July 2003 From Jean Stewart)

2.13 History of Chapel Hill (nd)

2.14 Where town and country meet – development of Kenmore c1960s From Jean Stewart

2.15 Moggill Ploughing Match The Brisbane Courier date on top 13/9/69 – presume 1869. From Jean Stewart

2.16 This is Kenmore – 4 page spread South West News 25 March 1998 From Jean Stewart

2.17 Man’s Story of Brutal Assault at Kenmore The Daily Standard 16 January 1931 From Jean Stewart

2.18 History of Kenmore (nd) – compiled by Mr George H Gear From Jean Stewart

2.19 Various articles (nd) Kenmore neighbourhood centre holds first fundraising event: picture of rafting grounds: Gears are originals (photo Mr and Mrs Gear) From Jean Stewart

2.20 Kenmore…A View From The Past  – roundabout corner Local Bulletin January 2003 From Jean Stewart

2.21 Kenmore Park A Long Gone Local Industry – Voisey’s butcher’s van (Model T Ford) Local Bulletin June 2003 From Jean Stewart

2.22 Photocopy of ‘roundabout corner’ c 1927 From Vi Hall

2.23 Notes of early Kenmore by Alderman Lex Ord 1978 From Sue Deal

2.24 Various early newspaper cuttings on the burning down of the Orange Lpodge and the construction of the new hall – 1929-1932 From Judy Magub

2.25 Second TB Sanitarium Kenmore Courier Mail 14 April 1945 From Sue Deal

2.26 Kenmore Racecourse – Jim Shepherd. Plus 1896 newspaper clipping From Sue Deal

2.27 Brisbane Bites Kenmore Leslie Jenkins From Sue Deal

2.28 Kenmore Disitrct – Queensland Places –  Brief histories, inc census records from 1911 to 2011

2.29 Mrs T O Daly, 8 Marshall Lane – handwritten memories from her grandson, Brian Sinclair

2.30 Morrisons of Kenmore 1940-1957 Includes photographs as well as stories. Held in a folder in the filing cabinet.  From Dawn Burgaty (nee Morrison)

2.31 Kevin and Dawn Thwaite. Kevin was the fruit and vegetable man in Kenmore in the 1950s.  From Dawn Burgart

2.32 Mr and Mrs Miller 1940-1957 – farm on Watson Rd, Kenmore. (related to the Morrisons). Mr Miller sold 16 acres to Miss Courtney. Copies of photographs. From Dawn Burgaty

2.33 Melville Haysom, artist of Merri Merri, Chapel Hill Local Bulletin October 2015 Pat Dryden

2.34 Our Block Research report by Deann O’Donoghue on the first leases of the area of Brookfield and Kenmore around Rafting Ground and Moggill Roads. Includes maps. Names of early settlers – McGrath family, Moody, Severs, Heathwood, Woolcock, Bassingwaighte, Barnet, Howard, Keates, Wright, Parry Fisher, Holcroft, Lockyer, Jones, MacTaggart, O’Donoghue

3. Primary Industry

3.1 The Kenmore Dairy The Queenslander 17 September 1887 From Sue Deal

3.2 Jersey Break Record Courier Mail 12 August 1947 From Sue Deal

3.3 Use of Prize Bull Offer Courier Mail 18 May 1949 From Sue Deal

3.4 Cows go up in Tornado The Mercury 12 November 1951 (2 articles) From Sue Deal

3.5 Cornhill St Early Days Fred Moore’s farm – men scything corn  Local Bulletin August 2003 From Jean Stewart

3.6 Woodward pineapple farm, Pullenvale.  Courier Mail  pictures and captions 13 May 1946 and 10 May 1949

4.  Education  – schools, preschools, kindergartens, P&Cs

4.1 ‘School Days – Dear Old Golden Rule Days’ The Local Bulletin April 2003. From Pat Dryden

4.2 Pullenvale State School – history (web site) From Sue Deal  September 2014

4.3 Kenmore State School Raft Race 1983 – newspaper cuttings, results, two original photographs.

4.4 Pullenvale Field Study Centre ‘Children take trip back in history Satellite 30 September 1987

4.5 ‘History of Kenmore State School (copy) by Hilda Horn c 1978

4.6 Death of Eric Lane (Paraguay link) – teacher at Kenmore State School Courier Mail 21 August 1993 From Jean Stewart

4.7 Kenmore State School celebrates centenary July 2000 From Sue Deal

4.8 OLR – brief history and time line From Sue Deal

4.9 Fig Tree Pocket School Diamond Jubilee – 1931 newspaper cutting

4.10 Kenmore State School Cook Book (ND) From Andrew Darbyshire

4.11 Kenmore State School – photographs of the 1947 school break up; various class photos from 1947 to 1953; group of children ca1951 Morrison, Lahey (3) and Harris. From Dawn Burgaty

5.  Churches (including Chapel Hill Cemetery)

5.1 ‘Don’t Spend Christmas Alone’ Local Bulletin November 2013

5.2 Kenmore Community Meeting Place BBC (nd)

5.3 Kenmore Uniting Church centenary October 1985 – booklet published Helen Gregory and Lavinia Wager

5.4 Relocation of the Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill (ND)

5.5 A history of St Christopher’s, St Clare’s and The Friary (in the making) (nd) Jane Scragg  From Jean Stewart

5.6 Franciscan Angles Australian Newsletter of the Society of St Francis Eastertide 2005 The Brookfield Centre for Christian Spirituality – plus leaflet  From Jean Stewart

‘On Carver Hill’ A short history of the Old Friary Vivienne Binns From Pat Dryden

5.7 Old Friary Labyrinth Local Bulletin June 2015

5.8 Chapel Hill Cemetery – handover of research Local Bulletin June 2015

5.9 Pullenvale Reserve an early burial place Local Bulletin June 2015; September 2015

5.10 130 years of Presbyterian Church (now the Pioneer Church in the grounds of the Uniting Church) Local Bulletin September & October 2015

6.  Street Names

6.1 Introductory article by Judy Magub on street names Local Bulletin 2015

7.  Personalities – well known, ordinary/everyday people

7.1 Richard Kirwan – service station proprietor 1930s and motor bike rider. From Sue Deal

7.2 Evelyn Mengel – living in Kenmore  Summary from 1938 oral history project National Library of Australia From Sue Deal

7.3 Jean Trenkner – Brookfield Local Bulletin September 2012 From Pat Dryden

7.4 Daphne Dowdle – Brookfield Local Bulletin November 2013 From Pat Dryden

7.5 Libby Wager  Over the Hurdles – Local Bulletin May 2010

7.6 Fleming family photographs (copies) Donated by Jessie Gilliland

7.7 James and Mary King Information provided by Charlotte Knowlman, written by Suzanne Hanson

7.8 Photocopies of post office directories 1892 – 1897 names and occupations From Jean Stewart

7.9 Hand written notes re the 1894-5 post office directory showing addresses From Jean Stewart

7.10 Photocopies of post office directories 1901 – 1930 names and occupations From Jean Stewart

7.11 Hand written notes re the 1929-30 post office directory showing addresses From Jean Stewart

7.12 Photocopies of post office directories 1930 – 40 names and occupations From Jean Stewart

7.13 Hand written notes re the 1933 – 40  post office directories showing addresses From Jean Stewart

7.14 Ernest Horne – accident at the Kenmore saw mill The Brisbane Courier 19 March 1898

7.15 William and Christina Penhaligon and the naming of Chapel Hill – newspaper cutting (nd) From Sue Deal

7.16 Harold Tuckett and Peter Carmody – road collision 7 May 1913 The Brisbane Courier From Sue Deal

7.17 Engagement notice of Frederick Voisey and Myrtle Bow Courier Mail 18 August 1942 From Sue Deal

7.17 Gregory Clark (son of Colin and Marjorie) personal history From Sue Deal

7.18 Baden-Clay trial 2014 – print out from Chanel 7 From Sue Deal

7.19 Dr Rhyl Hinwood AM (Bielby Rd) West End Statuary Project From Sue Deal

7.20 Eddie Lui OAM (Sunset Rd land) From Sue Deal

7.21 Samuel Heathwood – various newspaper cuttings about court cases and property From Judy Magub

7.22 Appeal for widow of Walter Morrison Courier Mail 27 January 1954

7.23 Hilda Brotherton 1967 From Sue Deal

7.24 Penhaligon Family History Bev Walker (inc USB with diary) Plus, Sydney John Penhaligon 1894-1914 – Research Essay Brisbane History West

7.25 Ted and Nora 2015 – lived near the roundabout for 65 years Local Bulletin

7.26  Iwan Feodoroff de Caesarowiez and family – handwritten notes by Jean Stewart

7.27 History of William H Russell and his family From Judy Magub

7.28 Ann Shevill – article by Pat Dryden Local Bulletin June 2015

7.29 Elaine Jang – funeral notice 22 June 2015. Keith Jang 1974 photo in his shop – From Dawn Burgaty

7.30 Morrisons of Kenmore 1940 – 1957 including maps, information and photographs. (USB with digital copies of photos) From Dawn Burgaty (nee Morrison)


8.  Residential estates – maps of development

8.1 Mandalay Progress Association Local History (Fig Tree Pocket). Mandalay Estate and Tea Gardens.

8.2 Gibson’s Estate 26 July 1952 From Sue Deal

8.3 ‘City set to sell off bush’ (nd) From Libby Wager

8.4 Kenmore Heights Estate April 1958

8.5 Last sale at Kenmore – sale of cattle yards Riverside News 19 July 1962

8.6 Auction of Kenmore Park Estate 12 December 1953

8.7 Wongabel Estate Truth 12 October 1953 From Jean Stewart

8.8 Centenary Estates Limited June 1961 From Jean Stewart

8.9 Land for sale, Sunset Road From Sue Deal

8.10 Land for sale, Sunset Road (nd) From Sue Deal

8.11 Sandringham Estate c 1902

8.12 Sale of City Council land, Kenmore  17 September 1954 Courier Mail From Sue Deal

8.13 Land sale Kenmore Sunday Mail 27 July 1952 From Sue Deal

8.14 Parliamentary debates 1 December 1953 From Sue Deal

8.15 Subdivision 49 Cubberla St, Fig Tree Pocket From Sue Deal

8.16 Early history and pioneers of Misty Morn Susan Turner (inc USB)

8.17 Fig Tree Pocket Estate – weed infestation – newspaper cutting

9.  Built environment – style of houses, rural residential, builders, architects

9.1 Residents Angry Over Appeal Result Local Bulletin October 2013

9.2 Sale of Kenmore Park, 8 Acworth St September 2014

9.3 Kerry Hill, Bielby Road  – 1950 sale and 2014 sale From Sue Deal

9.4 Savills Brisbane’s Rich History – various suburban real estate including 102 Sunset Rd – Clark family. From Sue Deal

9.5 Sale of former fire station, Kenmore 2013 From Sue Deal

9.6 Pullenvale Hall Local Bulletin 2014 From Sue Deal

10.  Natural Environment – creeks, vegetation, flood, bush fires

10.1 BCC Know Your Creek From Sue Deal

10.2 THECA Forum Local Bulletin June 2015


11.  Commerce –businesses, industry, supermarkets, tavern, business people

11.1 Copies of pictures of early Service Stations From Sue Deal

11.2 ‘Kenmore Streetscape Upgrade Receives Mixed Reception from Traders’ Local Bulletin November 2013

11.3 ‘Shop upgrade on knife edge’ Westside News 9 October 2013

11.4 The ‘KT’ finds new life as The Kenmore Local Bulletin November 2013

11.5 Sale of deceased estate of G A Mildown 9 June 1956

11.6 Historical Title Search – A C Deal Properties Pty Ltd Title Reference 16730142

11.7 Documents on the establishment of a postal agency in Kenmore in 1954, plus repairs and alterations to shop at 2072 Moggill Rd. Donated by Liz Barker, through Judy Magub  (8 sleeves)

11.8 Kenmore Village birthday ball to celebrate its first year of operation – November 1970 Donated by Jean Stewart

11.9 Photocopy of photograph of H J Voisey’s butchers cart – from Evelyn Mengel (Voisey’s granddaughter)  Through Jean Stewart

11.10 Photocopies of postal directories for businesses ‘Indooroopilly including Fig Tree Pocket and Kenmore’ 1941 and 1949 From Jean Stewart

11.11 Photocopy of Mildown and Cox store From Vi Hall

11.12 ‘Garage Permit charge’ Courier Mail 28 November and 4 December 1953 From Sue Deal

11.13 BBC notice about the commencement of SCIP project, Kenmore (From Sue Deal)

11.14 Planning Notice 7 Princeton St From Sue Deal

11.15 Jen Retail Properties From Sue Deal

12.  Parks, Reserves, Sanctuaries

12.1 Mandalay Progress Association Local History (Fig Tree Pocket).  Item 20 deals with Lone Pine Sanctuary.

12.2 BCC List of Kenmore parks From Sue Deal

12.3 Park, Mornington Street, Chapel Hill to be named The Robin Powell Memorial Park’ Local Bulletin October 2015

13.  Transport – public, private, roads

13.1 Copies of photographs of the Moggill/Brookfield roads intersection, showing the cutting away for the Village Shopping Centre – late 1960s. From Bill McDermott

13.2 Brisbane Images (BCC) print out Moggill Rd, Kenmore Rd and Woonalee St photographs – 1960-69

13.3 The Brookfield Railway Jonathan Richards – article (nd)

13.4 Copy of aerial photograph showing proposed bridge and expressway at Fig Tree Pocket Riverside News (nd)

13.5 Marble plaque recovered in 1970 from the original bridge (built 1917) over Cubberla Creek. From Jean Stewart

13.6 The Moggill Road The Brisbane Courier 24 June 1861 From Jean Stewart

13.7 Copy of sketch from Henry Clarkson’s book showing the earlier route of Moggill Rd From Vi Hall

13.8 Photocopy of a photograph of the Moggill/Brookfield roads intersection (nd) From Sue Deal

14.  Government – Local, State & Federal representatives

14.1 Expressions of Interest for development of the Kenmore Library From Sue Deal


15.  RSL, War Memorial, War Widows Guild, rationing

15.1 Private Richard Griffith Hobson – WW 1 From Vi Hall

15.2 History of the Kenmore Monument by George Gear (RSL member) Indooroopilly News October 1968 From Jean Stewart

15.3 Lest We Forget…History Kenmore War Memorial Local Bulletin May 2003 (On the back – Our Past on Display)  From Jean Stewart

15.4 Anzac Day Program 1998 RSl Kenmore-Moggill Sub-branch plus Brigadier Alex Smith’s speech From Jean Stewart

15.5 Typed record of a public meeting on 26 April 1917 at the Kenmore Hall to commemorate the Anzac landing.

15.6 Photocopy photo of war memorial pre-1940 (with gun) (possibly from Evelyn Mengel)  Through Jean Stewart

15.7 Adopt a Digger Program 2014 – RSL and Kenmore High School From Sue Deal

15.8 Various WW1 newspaper clippings From Sue Deal

15.9 Lest We Forget A Guide to the Conservation of War Memorials Judith MacKay 1984

15.10 Copies of material relating to Vi’s uncle, Richard Hobson, who was killed in 1917 in France.  From Vi Hall

16.  Services – Police, Ambulance, Fire, Water

16.1 ‘Big Steel Pipes Contract Here’ Courier Mail 26 April 1946 From Sue Deal

16.2  photocopies of photographs – 2 showing transportation of water pipes from Mt Crosby– one showing tar pot for tarring water pipes located on site of OLR. From Evelyn Mengel (nee Gear) Through Jean Stewart May 1993

16.3 Kenmore Post Office – Jim and Barbara Shepherd – September, Oct 2015

16.4 The mail run 1950s – names and map  From Dawn Burgaty

17.  Health, Medical

17.1 Mandalay Progress Association Local History (Fig Tree Pocket).  Item 21 ‘Sevenoaks’ – Spastic Welfare League

17.2 Comprehensive health services at new centre – opening of the Kenmore Medical Centre New Western Suburbs Free Newspaper January 1981 From Jean Stewart

18.  Senior Citizens – National Seniors, Senior Citizen Clubs, Probus, Meals on Wheels, Nursing Homes

19.  Community Organisations

19.1 Kenmore Scout Group History From Greg de Silva November 2013

19.2 Opening of the Kenmore riding centre for disabled children The Sunday Mail 4 November 1973 From Jean Stewart

19.3 Forum – magazine for Moggill and Pullenvale residents Edition 1 April 1970 Includes a brief history of Moggill, notices from 12 community groups, Moggill Progress Association.  From Jean Stewart

19.4 Misty Morn Residents Association – October 1980 – Objection to the development of a sporting complex on Brookfield Rd, opposite Aronia St (Donated by Brian and Merilyn Becconsall)

19.5 Brisbane Stories – Maggill’s Country 1999 From Sue Deal

19.6 REPA Inc Annual Report 2012-13 From Sue Deal

19.7 Upper Brookfield Hall and Honour Board From Sue Deal

19.8 Articles on the first two halls by Judy Magub  Local Bulletin September 2015. Also copy of non-verified picture of an earlier hall. Also email from Chris Hampton, Cinema & Theatre Historical Society of Australia.