Membership Privacy Policy


To provide for the consistent management of Kenmore and District Historical Society Inc (KDHS) members personal information.


The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 requires that an organisation must have a policy for its management of personal information, and must make this policy available to anyone who asks for it.

Membership Privacy Statement:

1.  Collection

KDHS collects information from members such as title, full name, postal and street address, telephone, email details. Additional information is sought regarding volunteer interests, research interests and personal skills.  This information is collected directly from new and renewing members.

2.  Use of Information

This information is collected and held by KDHS for the purpose of serving the membership and providing information to members about events and activities. It is understood that the personal information members provide will be held and used for such purposes in accordance with this policy.

3.  Access and Correction of Information

Members have the right to access the personal information that KDHS holds about them at any reasonable time and to provide amendments when necessary. KDHS tries to ensure that all personal information collected and stored is accurate and up-to-date. Should personal information change, members are encouraged to notify the Secretary.

4.  Disclosure of Information

KDHS will not disclose members personal information to any third party. KDHS does not sell, rent or exchange personal information with any other organisation.