Resource Location and Arrangements

The Kenmore Moggill RSL Sub Branch (RSL) has generously allowed Kenmore and District Historical Society (KDHS) to store files, its library, research material and a printer/scanner in the Research Room located in the RSL rooms at Fairview. The room is a place where members are encouraged to research from the society’s research material. This material may be stored elsewhere as decided by the committee from time to time.


  1. KDHS will store various hard-copy material in the RSL room. This may include:
    • closed administration files
    • completed project files (both administrative and research)
    • secondary resource material in folders
    • original photographs in acid-free storage
    • primary resource material in acid-free folders
    • copies of the research catalogue and archive file list
    • books
  2. KDHS policy is that  members  may visit the room accompanied by the committee member responsible for the Secondary Materials. An appointment can be made by contacting the Committee at
  3. KDHS members have free access to all KDHS research material. Books can be borrowed by members. This is arranged through the committee member responsible for the KDHS library. A scanner/printer is available for scanning material on to a USB or for photocopies. If photocopying is required by visitors, there is a fee of 20 cents per page to cover paper and ink costs.
  4. Directions Fairview Aged Care Facility is located at 2063 Moggill Road, Pinjarra Hills. The RSL is located around the back of the Aged Care Facility. Drive in the main entrance to Fairview, turn left and drive past the entry to High Care. The road continues as a one-way road around to the left; drive right around to the back, past the back of the High Care Facility. You will see a car park off to the left which is where you can park. The RSL building (Block 5) is quite visible from the car park – the Australian Flag flies from the flag pole in front. The Research Room is located at the very end of the centre corridor, on the right. There is a visitors’ book near the front entry and the RSL requests that all visitors sign in.
  5. Facilities There are toilets in the building. A kitchen is also available, with free tea and coffee. Water is also available.